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William  Winslade

William  Winslade

Professor of Law


Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law and Associate Director for Graduate Programs.

B.A., 1963, Monmouth College;
Ph.D., 1966, Northwestern University;
J.D., 1972, U.C.L.A.;
Ph.D., 1984, Southern California Psychoanalytic Institute.

Professor Winslade teaches, lectures, and writes about legal aspects of bioethics and mental health. He has authored one and co-authored four books and written articles on privacy and confidentiality in health care, legal regulation of medical and psychiatric practice, and ethical issues arising out of the physician-patient relationship. Professor Winslade has taught philosophy, practiced law, and had clinical experience as a psychoanalyst. He teaches legal aspects, regulation of human subject research, law and psychiatry, and the health law masters course. His recent book, Confronting Traumatic Brain Injury: Devastation, Hope, and Healing (Yale Univ. Press 1998), was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

Health Law Masters Course
Regulation of Biomedical Research
Law & Psychiatry
Legal Aspects of Bioethics