Syllabus and Class Plan for Spring 2014


Additions/Deletions from the 3rd Edition casebook






The casebook is Janicke, Modern Patent Litigation, third edition. It is available in e-book form only, from Carolina Academic Press.

We will cover 5 or 6 cases per class. If you are prepared that far ahead, you are OK.

This is a litigation course, but it treats primarily doctrinal law topics rather than tactics or procedure. A background in patent prosecution is not particularly helpful or harmful, and the same is true of a technical background. I am amenable to waiving the prerequisite Patent Law for those students who wish to take both courses simultaneously, although this is not recommended.

It will be helpful to have some version of the 1952 patent statute available to you during each class session. The remedies and defenses provisions of this law were left almost entirely intact by the new patent reform bill, the America Invents Act, signed into law in September 2011.

The course will progress at about 50 pages per week.

There will be two multiple-choice quizzes during the semester, on pre-announced dates. The quizzes will count, in the aggregate, for 10% of your final grade. Exam numbers will be issued by the Law Center administration before the first quiz.

For the study of Chapter 3, you may find helpful the following statutory excerpts from Title 28, regarding jurisdiction and venue in patent cases.