Files for IP Survey

Fall 2018

Prof. Janicke

Class Plan



Overview ppt


Trade Secret ppt


Copyright ppt


Trademark ppt


Patent Law ppt







All the main materials for the IP Survey course, Fall 2018, including the class plan, are posted here. The casebook for the course is free -- a Word filed posted on this page. There is a required book of IP statutes and treaties, one that you can take with you into practice: Paul Goldstein et al., Selected Statutes and International Agreements on Trademark, Copyright, etc., latest edition (Foundation Press).


For those students desiring a textbook to reinforce the concepts taught in this course, I recommend Stephen McJohn, Intellectual Property Examples and Explanations, 5th edition 2015 (Wolters Kluwer). It is not required.


Time Bar Problems under 1952 Patent Law (for patents with filing date Mar. 2013 or earlier)

Time Bar Problems under new AIA law (for patents with filing date after Mar. 2013)


1952 Statute Section needed for Time Bar Problems


AIA sections needed for time bar problems


Infringement Problems


Infringement of a Patent -- Sec. 271