1. Do you hire research assistants?

I typically hire research assistants for credit.  If you are interested, please be sure to contact me and provide me with a copy of your resume and references.  

2. If I was unable to register for one of your courses, is there a waiting list?  Is it actually possible to get into one of your courses after the course has been closed during registration?

There are no waiting lists for my courses.  If you were unable to register for one of my courses that you would like to take, you have to go through the standard add/drop procedures.  Oftentimes, students register and later drop my courses.  So if you are interested in adding a course that has previously been closed, keep checking up through the first week or so of class.  You may find an opening.

3.  A friend of mine attended your outlining workshop, but I was unable to attend.  How can I get a copy of the slides you used during that presentation?

You can access the slides that I use for my outlining workshops by clicking here.