Health Care Transactions




Readings and Assignments

BurgerPhysician Non-Competes

Halifax-1-14 Order - Excerpt

OIG Supplemental Compliance Program Guidance for Hospitals (2005)

Sadler Clinic v. Hart

Texas Business and Commerce Code - 15.50 Covenants Not to Compete

Article on closing checklists

Contract Grading Rubric - Physician Employment Agreement

Form of Asset Purchase Agreement For Assignment

Form of Employment Agreement - for class 2

Form of Employment Agreement -- complete version

Form of Professional and Administrative Services Agreement


Negotiation Toolkit

Parts of an Agreement - handout

Sample Asset Purchase Agreement

Sample Closing Checklist Private M and A

Sample Due Diligence Request List

Sample Exclusive Services Agreement

Sample Health Care Closing Checklist

SPayne - Contract Drafting Checklist

Summary of Contract Concepts - handout

Physician Agreement -- Termination Provision - Example #1

Physian Employment Agreement -- Termination Provision - Example #2

Physician Employment Agreement -- Representations and Warranties Example

All Childrens 1-5

Tuomey - 370-374 background - 378-390

Physician Agreement - Sample Reps Warranties Termination Language


POWER POINTS AND Lecture MAterials

Class 10 -- Due Diligence and Indemnification -- The Deal

Closing Checklist - Example

U of H Healthcare Transactions - Closing Checklists

PP -- Video Lecture Parts of an Agreement

Class 5 professional service agreement slides

Video Lecture -- Reps and Warranties + termination

U of H Healthcare Transactions - Negotiations - Chris Shea

U of H Healthcare Transactions - Due Diligence

Transaction and Diligence Teams Example

Preliminary Due Diligence Request Example

Due Diligence Summary Form Example

Class 7 physician practice purchase slides

Aubrey Cullen -- OIG Report

CIA --Texas General Surgeons

Due Diligence Memo

Employment Agreement Non-Shareholder Employee

Employment Agreement Shareholder John R Brown

Medical Office Building Lease - Office Park and Texas General Surgeons

OIG 1992 letter practice acquisition

OIG 1993 response practice acquisition

US ex rel Goodstein v McLaren Regional Medical Center 202 FSupp2d 671 ED Mich 2002

US vs Bradford Regional Med Ctr 752 F Supp 2d 602 WD Penn 2010


Video Lectures

Parts of an Agreement

First Class- Make-up Lecture

Fraud and Abuse Laws and Physician Compensation

Reps and Warranties; Termination Provisions

Introduction to Professional Services Agreements