IPIL Co-Directors / Professors Joyce, Lipton and Vetter seek a Law Center student for Institute Publications Editor paid part-time position (work assignments begin after the 1L year)

The Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) desires to hire a 1L for a part-time position at the standard student hourly rate for the position of IPIL Institute Publications Editor. The position will provide the student the opportunity to work on ad hoc projects with some or all of Professors Joyce, Lipton or Vetter. The main activity is editing/updating of Institute print and web materials for public dissemination. The editing is non-substantive toward typical goals of improving style, usage and consistency; knowledge of the law of IPIL is not a prerequisite for a successful candidate. Background or experience in student journals, journalism, marketing, public relations, technical writing, or scientific publishing will enhance a candidate’s application.

IPIL desires to hire a student who will remain in the position through the end of her 3L year. Project activity will be event driven, but is unlikely to average more than a couple of hours a week during a semester, and the opportunity will exist to complete projects during the summer and holiday breaks. No projects will be assigned during the 1L year; the only time commitment needed during your 1L year is the time it takes to submit and compete/interview for the position.

To apply, send the items listed below to Professor Vetter at gvetter@uh.edu. Please send items in .pdf format.

• resume (please include GPA and class rank, and 1L legal writing course grades from the Fall semester)

• a short writing sample (a 1L legal writing course memo is sufficient)

• in your submittal email, please address your fit for the position in light of the description above

The evaluation and interviewing process will occur during the Spring semester.

For optimal consideration, please submit your application email to Professor Vetter before 10:00 p.m. on May 6, 2016.

For any questions about the position you would like answered before applying, please email or phone Professor Vetter. By phone, he can be reached at his office at 713-743-3596, but if you don’t reach him there, please call his cell at 713-213-0360.