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Contains cases, legislation, commentary and other materials selected to supplement Joyce, Patry, Leaffer & Jaszi, COPYRIGHT LAW: FIFTH EDITION (Lexis Publishing 2000). Special thanks to the UHLC Information Technology Department for assistance in the implementation of this project.
USAGE NOTE: The following selection of recent decisions involving Internet-related issues is composed entirely of cases for OPTIONAL use with the Fifth Edition, i.e., none of them are mandatory replacements for or supplements to decisions reproduced in the casebook itself. Instructors and students should scan the "Case Summary" for each case, note that most of the decisions would be discussable at several points throughout the book (including Chapters 1, 3, 7 and 9), and decide at which point or points in the semester they wish to refer to the materials that follow. Our purpose is simply to provide additional cases for your consideration. Finally, because these are Internet cases and as an experiment, we have elected to present them basically as they appear "hot off the press" from LEXIS (not coincidentally, the publisher of the casebook as well). We welcome your comments. -- Eds.
Intellectual Reserve, Inc. v. Utah Lighthouse Ministry, Inc. (1999)
Kelly v. Arriba Soft Corp. (1999)
RealNetworks, Inc. v. Streambox, Inc. (2000)
Universal City Studios, Inc. v. Reimerdes (2000)
Los Angeles Times v. Free Republic (2000)
UMG Recordings, Inc. v., Inc. (2000)
A & M Records, Inc. v. Napster, Inc. (2000)

RELEASE NO. 9 (3/8/00):  COPYRIGHT LAW (5th Ed. 2000)
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NOTE:  All prior releases, including recent cases and the DMCA and CTEA summaries, are now incorporated into the Fifth Edition.  Proof copies are available, but complimentary copies of the bound volume itself should be received by instructors within the next few weeks -- in ample time for adoption for Fall 2000 classes!

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