The University of Houston Law Center Faculty

Stephanie  Bustamante
R. McConnell Group PLLC


Stephanie Bustamante’s practice focuses on both litigation and compliance including program design, enhancements, and implementation.

She has performed work for Fortune 500 clients in industries ranging from retail to oil field services in markets ranging from Argentina to China. Stephanie is involved in the firm’s internal investigations practice and has experience assisting clients with enforcement matters including meeting with criminal regulators from agencies ranging from the Department of Homeland Security to the U.S. Customs Service.

Stephanie’s compliance work has spanned a variety of areas ranging from anti-corruption to licensing. She has conducted risk assessments and due diligence in regions around the world and assisted clients with project management and data analysis. In 2015, Stephanie analyzed the risk assessment results for an oil industry company with operations in over 100 countries and currently overseen by a corporate monitor reporting to the U.S. Department of Justice. She also conducted effectiveness reviews for a Fortune 100 company which involved hundreds of interviews and collection and organization of thousands of documents that explored the company’s compliance program - working in three continents with the results of her work going to the Board of Directors. She has extensive experience in virtually every compliance area including privacy, trade, anti–corruption, and licensing. Stephanie is fluent in Spanish and has used her language skills to perform compliance work in Latin American markets for firm clients. She has spent a significant amount of time embedded in Mexico City with a client to assist with their compliance program development.