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Externship Program

Through participation in the Externship Program, students can earn academic credit for work with a nonprofit organization, a government agency, or a member of the judiciary. (LL.M. students may be eligible for the program on a case‐by-case basis.)

Mandatory Externship Program Orientation

Students who have secured a fall 2016 externship and who have not previously participated in the UHLC Externship Program must view an online orientation prior to their first day of work at their placement.

Once you have been enrolled in the program, you will receive:
(a) a link to the recorded orientation;
(b) the deadline for viewing it; and
(c) a brief quiz over the orientation's contents, which you must pass with a certain score. Those who do not pass the quiz must retake it until they do pass.


How to participate in the Externship Programs

1. Secure a placement

  • Students apply directly to the nonprofit organization, government agency or judiciary chamber for their externship placement.
  • You should check with the placement for specific requirements and application deadlines.

2. Apply to one of the UHLC Externship Programs

  • Once a placement is secured, students can apply online to the Judicial Externship Program, the Government and Nonprofit Externship Program, or for a Criminal Practice Externship.
  • Students do not enroll themselves in the externship courses.

3. Meet the guidelines for academic credit and complete your placement

  • If your application is approved, you will be enrolled in the program.
  • In order to receive academic credit, students must pay tuition, attend the Externship Programs Orientation, submit the externship course assignments and complete the placement hours.