"I was very surprised and impressed by the caliber of clients the Transactional Clinic attracts. Small business owners but definitely not small time business. It felt great to work with real clients, solving real commercial problems and actually using the law I've learned in all my courses." - Bonnie Kim, 2L, Transactional Clinic F'08


"The Transactional Clinic is a great way to gain practical experience in business transactions. I was expected to be given menial tasks, but actually wrote several complex contracts including contracts for the international sale of goods, secured loan agreements, and company operating agreements." Daniel Favian, 2L, Transactional Clinic F'08

Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic (formerly known as Transactional Clinic )

In collaboration with the Lone Star College System and the University of Houston Small Business Development Centers, the transactional clinic assists individuals who are in the process of starting their own business, need council in small transactions, need contract revisions or want to move to the next phase in their business plan.
The following are just the highlights of the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic agenda.

Avoiding a Premature LLC Formation

Ms. W sought out the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic for assistance forming a LLC for her proposed construction company. Clinic students assigned to Ms. W assisted her in preparing her company’s Articles of Organization, advised her on LLC Regulations, her industry background and legal issues surrounding the proposed business.  After reviewing her financial information, it was determined that Ms. W lacked the necessary financing to proceed in filing her Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State. Ms. W was advised by the clinic students to seek the adequate funds from investors before filing prematurely. 

Solving Trouble with Trademarks

Mr. BL, owner of a local bakery, came to the Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic for help in filing a trademark application that received a non-final rejection. Students discussed possible courses of action with Mr. BL after speaking with the Trademark Examiner. It was decided that Mr. BL could move his trademark application to the supplemental register and/or file a Texas trademark application. Mr. BL also required several contracts to be drafted. The nature of the contracts ranged from non-compete agreements to a release of copyright and a buyout agreement for him and his partner.

Legally forming Non-Profit Organizations

Clients Mr. & Mrs. S came to the Clinic for assistance in forming a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. Mr. and Mrs. S were helped in drafting its bylaws, operations and IRS requirements. The clients were also instructed in how to reserve the non-profit’s name and advised to draft an employee handbook before hiring any employees other than Board members.

Licensing an Author’s Work

Ms. K, author of a workbook and a professional speaker, came to the Transactional Clinic for assistance in processing the legal paperwork to license her workbook to an international seminar firm. The second issue revolved around drafting a proper payment arrangement for use/copy of the workbook and payment for converting her material to match the terms and style of the firm’s workbooks. Finally, negotiations were handled for training the firm’s instructors.