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More than 170 students worked for academic credit through the UHLC’s Externship Program in 2014. These
students secured positions at various nonprofits, (from the Museum of Fine Arts-Houston to the Texas Medical
Board in Austin), as well as government agencies, (from the Harris County District Attorney's Office to Mexico’s
National Hydrocarbons Commission in Mexico City). Students also served as judicial externs in chambers as close
as downtown Houston to as far away as the state of California.

Lisa Wright      Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Judicial Extern, Spring 2014
Benjamin Wallen
                 “I evaluated a case file regarding a possession of marijuana. The task was to read over the offense
                 report and the charges and to provide a list of pros and cons on whether or not the Prosecution/
                 State would be successful in getting a guilty verdict if the case went to trial. I read through the
                 case file and described the problems found in the case and issues that would come up if this went
                 to trial; (for example, the officer forgot to include a description of the vehicle; the officer did not
                 Mirandize the defendant when she should have, etc.) The case was dismissed based on my
                 evaluation and recommendations.”

                 Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission, Government Extern, Summer 2014

                 Benjamin Wallen externed in the bidding rounds and regulations departments of Mexico’s National
                 Hydrocarbons Commission, or CNH. During his placement, Wallen was able to sit in on a meeting
                 between CNH and the U.S. Department of State where he was able to better understand industry
                 concerns and desires about drilling offshore in Mexico. On another occasion, Wallen was asked to
                 research different taxation methods for the collection and sale of seismic data.

                 “I attended a meeting where I went over my findings and offered my suggestions. I was taken
                 aback that my concerns and conclusions were not only addressed but taken into account in the
                 creation of future policy and taxes. It was a very exciting day.” noted Wallen on the conclusion of
                 his sale of seismic data assignment.

John Kantarjian  MD Anderson Cancer Center, Nonprofit Extern, Summer 2014

                 “I had the opportunity to shadow the lead attorney for two days. I sat in on major meetings
                 (including one with the president of MD Anderson), and was able to see what a day in the life of an
                 attorney-turned-executive is like.

                 Overall, it has been a great experience. I have a learned a lot of heath law regulation these past
                 few months, (especially in regard to patient privacy), and I think I should be well prepared for my
                 health law classes. I am very grateful for this externship experience.”

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