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Evan Harlow    Civil Practice Clinic, Spring 2014 and Consumer Law Clinic, Summer 2014
Joshua Cooper
               “During my time in the Civil Practice Clinic, I have worked on a variety of cases. Each of my cases
               had their own merits but some were more memorable than others. One of my cases involved
               assisting a client to apply for the guardianship of her adopted son, who has severe physical and
               mental disabilities. As a student attorney, I explained the process to the client and prepared all of
               the necessary documents related to the application of guardianship before filing the application
               with the court. It was good to be able to help this kind and caring woman, who took this young
               man into her home when no one else would. Not only was it a good case because it helped our
               client, but on a personal level, it was beneficial for me to see how the probate courts work and to
               become familiar with the processes of the judiciary. The work transpired under the supervision of
               skilled practicing attorneys who made sure I did not make any mistakes. Experiences like this will
               pay off dividends later when I am practicing on my own and I can be confident [of navigating] my
               way around a courthouse.”

                                       Mediation Clinic, Fall 2013

                                       “I had a mediation where an elderly woman was trying to get a cash deposit back from a small
Li Yi used car dealership. All the woman had was a hand-written receipt to back up her claim, and the

                                       dealership representative had a binder full of paperwork backing up his claim that they needed to
                                       keep the deposit to make repairs. In JP court, the person with the most paperwork or best records
                                       usually prevails, so after calling an impasse in the mediation I thought for sure that the woman
                                       would lose the trial. I was completely surprised that the judge ruled in her favor and awarded her
                                       the deposit back. It just goes to show you that you can never be sure how a judge will rule. My
                                       advice to students interested in the Mediation Clinic is to give it a try! There is no substitute for
                                       the experience you gain helping real people deal with real problems.”

               Immigration Clinic, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015

               “I worked on two DACA Renewal cases that were both approved this semester. In both cases, the
               client needed a work authorization to keep their job. One was even up for a much-deserved
               promotion. The ideal time to apply for a DACA renewal is 120-150 days before the expiration date.
               By the time the client contacted the clinic there were less than 120 days to fill out the forms and
               submit the application, so time was of the essence. I contacted the client the same day and
               prepared the appropriate forms before the client came to the clinic. This way I was able to submit
               both applications after only meeting the client once. I am very glad both clients received DACA
               renewals and work authorizations before expiration!”

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