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University of Houston Law Center adjunct professor      Transactional Clinic, Summer 2014
D.C. Toedt III joined our clinical faculty this spring
when the transactional clinic, directed by Profes-      “I researched non-profit entity formation for a beauty pageant
sor Kafah Bachari, launched its evening clinic for      company that is currently registered as an LLC with the State of
part time students.                                     Texas, and I drafted a memorandum on the advantages, disad-
                                                        vantages, and procedures of switching from a for-profit LLC to a
Students in both clinics will continue to guide         non-profit LLC. During my research I learned about the different
small businesses and non-profit organizations in        requirements for non-profit entity formation, non-profit compli-
negotiating lease agreements, selecting a proper        ance, and federal tax exemption status.”
organizational structure, developing employment
policies, and the buying and selling of businesses.     Transactional Clinic, Summer 2014

Following, students Stephanie Kan and Richard           “I was assigned a rather sophisticated and growing tutoring
Howard give us an insight to being a transactional      company who had independent contractor tutors in multiple
clinic student attorney:                                cities. Among other issues, the client wanted to make sure that
                                                        its tutor contracts and procedures successfully qualified the
                                                        tutors as independent contractors for tax and liability purposes.

                                                        I learned a lot about Federal and State guidelines regarding
                                                        independent contractors versus employees and the related tax
                                                        implications. I have also gotten valuable hands-on experience in
                                                        contract drafting and revision.”

Kafah Bachari                                     Stephanie Kan  Richard Howard

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