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         Jeff Kuo  In commemoration of The Honorable Frank G. Evans, this scholarship is awarded to
Veronica Bernal    students for outstanding performance in the Mediation Clinic. The Honorable Frank
                   G. Evans is referred to as the “Father of ADR in Texas,” because he was responsible
                   for drafting the Texas ADR statutes now part of section 154 of the Texas Civil Prac-
                   tice and Remedies Code. He was also the original donor to fund UH Law Center’s A.A.
                   White Dispute Resolution Center.

                   Donor: Houston Bar Association ADR Section and Judge John Coselli
                   Recipients: Jeff Kuo, 3L and Suchismita Pahi, ‘14

Lauren Randle      To honor the memory of Joseph A. Vail, Director of the Immigration Clinic, this
                   award is given to a student who has demonstrated interest in immigration law and
                   also great advocacy on behalf of immigrants through course work and involvement
                   with the clinic.

                   Donor: Friends and family of Joseph Vail
                   Recipient: Veronica E. Bernal, ‘14

Salma Hasan        This scholarship was created in memory of Sam Williamson, a tireless advocate for
                   immigrants. His career spanned more than five decades during which he fought
                   fiercely for the rights of his clients. It is awarded to a student who is committed to
                   the practice of immigration law.

                   Donor: Family and friends of Sam Williamson
                   Recipient: Lauren E. Randle, 3L

Teal de la Garza   Awarded to a student who excelled in the Legal Aid Clinic.

                   Donor: Mrs. Irving J. Weiner and friends of Irving J. Weiner
                   Recipient: Salma F. Hasan, ‘14

                   The Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) recognizes law students who have
                   excelled in a clinical course in law school. The award is based on excellence in case
                   work, in the seminar component of the course, and the nature and extent of the
                   student’s contribution to the clinical community at his law school.

                   Donor: Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA)
                   Recipient: Teal A. de la Garza, ‘14

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