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Courtesy of the UH Law Center

Civil Practice Clinic, Fall 2014 and Spring 2015   Immigration Clinic, Spring and Fall 2014

Third-year student Lauren “Addie” Fisher           University of Houston Law Center student
Flores is the winner of the 2014 Law Student       Eglantine Pauvarel Moss is the 2014 winner of
Pro Bono Award sponsored by the Texas Access       the Houston Bar Auxiliary Charitable Fund
to Justice Commission. She received her award      scholarship, in part, for her work in the school’s
and a $2,000 stipend at the New Lawyer             immigration clinic.
Induction Ceremony Nov. 17 in Austin.
                                                   The Charitable Fund awards $5,000.00 scholar-
This award recognizes a law student whose pro      ships annually to deserving second-year
bono work has made a significant impact on the     students at Houston area law schools. The
community and reflects a passion for advocating    selection is based on scholastic achievement,
on behalf of underserved populations.              need and community involvement.

“I nominated Addie because, even during the        Moss’ application focused in part on her
short time she has been in our Civil Clinic, she   successful litigation in immigration court under
has shown her commitment to making sure            the supervision of Clinical Professor Janet Beck
everyone, even those unable to pay, are            on behalf of a client seeking asylum.
afforded access to our justice system,” said
Heppard, Associate Professor of Clinical Practice
and Director of the Law Center’s clinics.

                                                  From Left:              Eglantine Pauvarel Moss
                                                  Barbara Stalder,
                                                  Clinical Supervising
                                                  Attorney of the UH
                                                  Civil Practice Clinic,
                                                  Lionel Flores, Lauren
                                                  “Addie” Fisher Flores,
                                                  2014 Law Student Pro
                                                  Bono Award recipient,
                                                  with Janet Heppard.

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