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Welcome to our newest clinic newsletter. The study of law is changing and       Janet Heppard
the University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) is working hard to be at the
forefront of that change. Our clinical program faculty work ceaselessly to      Directors Note              1
find ways to better prepare our students for the practice of law in 2015 and    Transactional Clinic        2
onward while also encouraging them to remember the continuing need for          Launches Evening Program
social justice to make sure everyone has access to our legal system. A recent                               3
National Association of Law Placement survey showed that, in 2013, nearly       Pro Bono All-Stars          4
43% of law grads found jobs in law firms with 2-10 lawyers. These smaller       Consumer Rights Advocates   5
law firms want to hire graduates who already have some lawyering skills.        Pro Bono Heroes             6
The UHLC Clinics enable students to hit the ground running by teaching          Student Attorney Spotlight  7
those skills.                                                                   From Houston to Mexico      8
                                                                                Great Assets                9
The Law Center clinics give our students an intensive lawyering experience      Community Giving            11
under the supervision of our expert clinic faculty. The students are provided   Strong Leadership           13
with an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the theory and practice of      Students Soar               15
law while working with real clients on real cases; skills that are not easily   Clinic Alum Stoplight       16
obtained in a traditional classroom setting. Our clinic students gain first-    2014: The Year in Pictures  17
hand insight into the strategic and ethical dimensions of the legal profession  Upcoming Events             17
and how to exercise sound judgment during their client representation. In       Clinic Contact Information
this issue of our newsletter, you will hear directly from the students because
the students are in the best position to talk about what their clinic experi-
ence has taught them. In addition, our clinical program faculty and students
have received numerous accolades over the past year and we want all of you
to help us celebrate these awards. It is the students, along with our faculty,
staff, and language interpreters, who make our clinical program one of the
crown jewels of our law center.

Director, Clinical Legal Education Program
Director, Civil Practice Clinic
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