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Courtesy of the UH Law Center
                                                                                                          Courtesy of the UH Law Center

                                                                                                          Members of the Houston Immigration Legal Services
                                                                                                          Collaborative, including the University of Houston Law
                                                                                                          Center, participated in a training and information workshop
            Dean Leonard M. Baynes welcomes the workshop audience and discusses the opportunities he received because his parents
            migrated to the U.S.                                                                          on February 10, 2016 for those who provide legal services
                                                                                                          to immigrants.
            Attorneys and immigration specialists gathered at the   Participants in the day-long workshop included UH Law   Geoffrey Hoffman, a clinical associate professor and
            University of Houston Law Center on April 8, 2016 for   Center Immigration Clinic Professors Geoffrey   director of the Immigration Clinic at the Law Center, spoke
            the annual Joseph A. Vail workshop that provided   Hoffman, Janet Beck, Josephine Sorgwe and   on the Supreme Court’s recent grant of certiorari in
            information and techniques for dealing with asylum   Rosemary Vega, two retired immigration judges,   the U.S. v. Texas case at the training session hosted by
            and other issues affecting families and children facing   immigration attorneys, and a mental health expert.   Neighborhood Centers. Josephine Sorgwe, a clinical
            deportation.                                                                                  supervising fellow working in the immigration clinic, also
                                                      A full range of asylum related claims were discussed   spoke on relief for immigrants.
            “The United States is a nation of immigrants,” Dean   such as crime victim visas, the Violence Against
            Leonard M. Baynes said in his opening remarks. “I   Women Act, trafficking, and special immigrant juvenile   Topics that were covered include: DAPA judicial update;
            am a child of immigrants, and like so many others I am  relief.                               advocacy methods/messaging (local and national); access
            grateful for the opportunities that the United States                                         to other legal and non-legal services; cultural competency;

            has afforded me and my family. I am also very proud of   Click here to read the full story.     legal screening beyond DACA/DAPA; and preventing
            the fine work of the Immigration Clinic, and as a public                                      unauthorized practice of law.
            law school, I am delighted that the Vail Workshop   Click here to view past Joe Vail Workshops.
            brings us together to discuss these thorny legal issues.”
                                                                                                          Click here to read the full story.
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