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The Immigration Clinic continues to help a   Through the help of various organizations, she is
               Guatemalan teenager who has been victim of   currently undergoing treatment. The
               sex trafficking. Our client is a young woman who  Immigration Clinic submitted the I-765 and I-102
               was rescued from her trafficker when she was 15  to her victim witness coordinator at  the U.S.   Courtesy of the UH Law Center
               years old. She was beaten and forced to have   Department of Homeland Security’s
               sexual relations with various men. She has   Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in
               suffered much trauma, which has caused her to   the fall of 2016 and submitted her T visa
               have mental issues.                  application in January, 2017.

                  The Immigration Clinic specializes in handling applications for asylum on behalf of victims of
                  torture and persecution, in representing immigrants who have been the victims of domestic   Josephine Sorgwe, a clinical supervising attorney at the UH Law Center
                  violence, human trafficking and crime, as well as representing children and those fleeing   Immigration Clinic, left, Geoffrey A. Hoffman, Clinic Director, and UHLC
                  civil war, genocide or political repression.                                      Professor Michael A. Olivas, who is serving as interim president of UH-
                                                                                                    Downtown, answered questions from UHD students about future
                                                                                                    immigration policy.

                                                                                                    Representatives of the University of Houston Law Center
                                                                                                    Immigration Clinic answered questions from students and
                                                        People were helped through 40+              administrators about what the future might hold for
                                                        Immigration Clinic sponsored workshops,     immigrants post-election, during a presentation in early
                                                        outreaches, and CLE trainings in 2016
                     Hours student attorneys in the                                                 December, 2016 at UH-Downtown.
                   immigration clinic worked on cases in
                              2016.                                                                 Geoffrey A. Hoffman, director of the clinic, and Josephine
                                                                                                    Sorgwe, a clinical supervising attorney, fielded questions on
                                                                                                    Dec. 8 while UHLC Professor Michael A. Olivas, who is serving as
                                                                                                    interim president of UHD, served as moderator.
                                                         Limited English Proficiency individuals
                                                         received Self Represented Assistance       President-elect Donald Trump initially campaigned on a pledge to
                                                                   in 2016.                         deport all undocumented immigrants, but has seemingly softened
                                                                                                    his position since winning the presidency.

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