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In 2016, the Immigration Clinic had success with  Another client, a Mexican national, was the
               a large number of crime victim clients.    victim of assault. Our client was assaulted and
                                                    threatened at gun point by her then-boyfriend.
               “The clinic was able to obtain approvals on   In 2012, while pregnant, her boyfriend forced
               several U Visa cases and to adjust the status of   himself into her apartment and pointed a gun at
               two young clients to that of lawful permanent   her. The boyfriend was charged with Aggravated
               resident,” said Professor Josephine Sorgwe,   Assault with a Deadly Weapon, which was pled
               Clinical Supervising Attorney. “In addition, we   down to a misdemeanor. The man was
               were able to receive U certifications for three   subsequently deported from the United States.
               of our clients.”
                                                    As a result of the trauma from this event, she
               One of the U Visa approvals we received was for  suffered a miscarriage on the steps of her
               a woman whose U.S. citizen daughter was the   apartment complex. The clinic represented her
               victim of sexual assault. This brave woman   U Certification and U Visa cases. Since then, our
               reported the crime to the police immediately   client and her young daughter have received
               after she discovered the abuse. She fully   approval notices for their U Visa applications.
               cooperated with law enforcement in the
               investigation of the crime. Now, this woman has
               a U Visa, a work permit, and may be eligible to
               adjust status in 3 years.                                                                  Immigration Clinic students and faculty at the United
                                                                                                          We Dream Workshop.

                                                                                                          In 2016, the Immigration Clinic sponsored more than 40
                                                                                                          workshops, outreaches and CLE trainings attended by
                                                                                                          more than 2,300 participants. Over 70% of attendees
                                                                                                          received assistance by the clinic faculty and students.

               A group of Immigration Clinic students and   Many of the women had reported these          Immigration Clinic students and faculty closed over 320
               faculty saw over 100 women and children at the  incidents to the police only to have the police   cases last year, helping more than 650 people, including
               detention center in Dilley, Texas from July 8 to   do nothing to investigate.  Almost all of them   48 victims of crime and domestic violence.
               10,  2016. All of the women were fleeing death   were from Honduras, El Salvador and
               threats, threats of rape to their children by   Guatemala. Students from the University of
               gangs, or severe domestic violence, frequently,   Houston Graduate School of Social Work served
               by gang members.  Many had seen relatives   as interpreters.
               killed or wounded by gangs.
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