Page 2 - 2016 Immigration Clinic Newsletter
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As Immigration Clinic Director for the past seven
              years, I’ve been happy to see our students help so
              many clients and the community.
              In November 2016, Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, P.C.
              sponsored a Happy Hour for our clinic alumnae. Many
              of our students are now practicing law and working
              as immigration counsel in family-based and
              employment cases, and for non-profits and
              government agencies. Nathaniel Martinez
              (immigration clinic class of 2011), spearheaded the
              alumni event and joined our Advisory Board in 2016.
              In March of this year we will to go to Dilley Detention
              facility and advise families on their credible fear
              cases. Also, in the summer we will hold the annual   Geoffrey Hoffman
              Joseph A. Vail asylum law workshop.
                                                          Director, Immigration Clinic
              The president’s new administration has a lot in store   University of Houston Law Center
              for immigration law in the next few weeks and
              months. The clinic will be at the forefront in
              developing litigation strategies and working with the
              community to protect immigrants’ rights in this new
              We also hired two new clinical supervising attorneys
              in 2016, Josephine Sorgwe and Rosemary Vega. Both
              of them, along with Janet Beck, continue to be
              wonderful colleagues and dedicated professors
              teaching our immigration clinic students!
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