Judicial Externships

In the Judicial Externships Program, students work directly for various federal and state judges. During the spring and fall semesters, students work for credit in courts located in Harris County or neighboring counties. During the summer, students may also choose to work outside of the Houston area. Student participants will no longer be permitted to enroll in a four-credit option during the abbreviated summer sessions.  For these shorter sessions, students can choose to enroll  in an ex/internship for either two or three credits.  (Please note that this change does not affect the Summer I session -- i.e., the summer-long session:  Students working at one placement for the entire summer will still have the three- or four-credit options.) Students receive non-substantive credit (graded P/F) for their field work.

Eligibility requirements and how to apply to the program can be found at the links below.

Click here for the Application

Field Placement Supervisors’ Evaluations of Students

During the regular school year, the student's supervising attorney at the field placement is expected to submit two formal written evaluations, once at the midterm point in the internship/externship and again at the conclusion. These evaluations should detail the work the student has done and the supervisor's evaluation of the student's performance during the time period covered. Prof. Bonadero will send your supervisor an email containing a link to the brief online evaluation form.
(NOTE:  During the summer sessions, supervisors are only asked to complete one evaluation -- at the end of the session.)

Midterm Evaluation Form

Final Evaluation Form