Student Spotlight


"The [ECDC] has been critical to my growth as a student attorney.  The skills I have learned from interacting with clients and being exposed to different aspects of transactional law will follow me throughout my professional career."
-Sean Chang, JD expected 2018


"The [ECDC] was enormously valuable to my development as a future attorney.  I was able to gain real-world transactional experience by analyzing various client business needs and providing the necessary legal guidance.  I had direct client contact, which sharpened my communication skills, and drafted numerous agreements.  The [ECDC] has laid the foundation for me to grow as a future transactional attorney and has provided me with necessary skills that I will need to succeed in practice.  I highly recommend the [ECDC] to any law student who is interested in becoming a transactional attorney."
-George Khalaf, JD expected 2018


"The [ECDC] is great for giving law students the chance to experience what it is like to work in a law firm.  The hands-on experience working with real clients to research client issues, draft contracts and agreements, and provide business strategy guidance enables the law student to put what they have learned in class to practical application.  It is an incredible learning experience and I would suggest the [ECDC] to anyone, even if you are not considering transactional law."
-David Knutson, JD expected 2018


"I had exposure to a wide variety of skills necessary to practice corporate and transactional work. The clinic enabled me to apply my classroom knowledge from different areas of the law, including business law, contract law, transactional and lawyering skills to assist clients in a real-world setting."
-Tatang Henry Tachi, LLM expected 2017