Barbara Sard and Douglas Rice, Changes Needed in Katrina Transitional Housing Plan to Meet Families’ Needs, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Oct. 13, 2005

This study highlights the types of housing assistance many displaced families will need to become settled in secure housing.  The amount of rental assistance is insufficient, and many families require relocation assistance in addition to housing subsidies.  The uncertainty of federal assistance further exacerbates the housing situation.


Will Fischer and Barbara Sard, Bringing Katrina's Poorest Victims Home: Targeted Federal Assistance Will Be Needed to Give Neediest Evacuees Option to Return to Their Hometowns, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Nov. 2, 2005

"Without assistance, many poor families, elderly people, and people with disabilities displaced by Katrina may be unable to afford housing in their hometowns."


Erica Williams, Olga Sorokina, Avis Jones-DeWeever, and Heidi Hartmann., The Women of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast: Multiple Disadvantages and Key Assets for Recovery. Part II. Gender, Race, and Class in the Labor Market, Institute for Women’s Policy Research, Aug. 2006, Briefing Paper

Hurricane Katrina pushed those living on the financial edge over it—leaving them without housing, employment or family. This paper addresses the disadvantages experienced by women, particularly of color, in areas affected by Katrina and Rita as well as where those women live now.