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Tax Masters Bankruptcy Assistance

2014 Update

At this time, the Bankruptcy trustee is litigating about 20 different lawsuits related to this case.  It does appear, at this time, that there will eventually be money for a distribution. Unfortunately, we still can't give an estimated date as to when those distributions will occur or how much they will be. There is still no bar date set for consumer claimants, so your rights are not affected. We hope that by the end of the summer we will have some certainty as to that part of the process and may be able to start our notification process for the filing of claims. We anticipate that the "notice" will be done via a large mailing (like at the beginning of the case), publishing a legal notice in a national paper, on the website and through our list.

If you have a question regarding the Tax Masters bankruptcy, the Center for Consumer Law can give you additional information and assistance.

As you know, Tax Masters has filed a Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Houston, Texas. The documents of this bankruptcy are available at If you want additional information about how this filing may affect you, please do not contact the court or the Trustee. The Center for Consumer Law has been designated as the contact point for consumers, and we should be able to assist you. There are two ways to contact us.

First, you may click here and complete a form that immediately will forward your information to the Center. This will insure the fastest response.

Second, you may call the Center at 877-839-8422. Although we have a large staff to respond to your phone calls, the heavy demand may not allow us to answer or immediately respond to your call. If our lines are busy, leave a message and you should expect a return call with in 24-48 hours.