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Passport to Success - Professional Development Series
Sponsored by the University of Houston Law Center Career Development Office
(in collaboration with Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP)

The Passport to Success - Professional Development Series consists of four (4) mandatory 1L learning sessions, each designed to cover facets of new attorney professionalism most sought after by today's legal employers. 

Session I: "The Map to Career Success: Exactly Where are YOU Headed?"

  • Understanding legal career resources & options; determining the skills that you need to make an impact from Day 1.
    • Dates/Times:
      • Saturday, August 11, 2018, 3:30-4:30 pm (part-time students) 
      • Tuesday, August 14, 2018, 12-3:30 pm (full-time students)

Workshop #1: Your Tour Guides: An Introduction to the Career Development Office.
Meet the attorneys and staff of the Career Development Office (CDO) to learn about our areas of expertise.  You will also discover resources that are available to map out and prepare for your career plan.
Workshop #2:  What are Your Legal Career Destination Options?
Many law students express frustration with their lack of understanding of what it means to practice law in various settings - litigation versus transactional, civil versus criminal, private versus government, etc. In this highly engaging session, UHLC and Andrews Kurth LLP (now known as Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP) alum and former judge, Reece Rondon will share information about the many directions a legal career can take a new attorney on Tuesday, August 14th.  Bill Powers, Director Internship & Externship Programs will lead this workshop for part-time students on Saturday, August 11th.

Workshop #3:  What Do I Need to Know When I Arrive?
Practitioners want new lawyers to be prepared for practice when they graduate.  The Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) has identified the key legal skills, professional competencies, and characteristics that employers believe new lawyers need to ensure success from Day 1 of practice, called the Foundations for Practice ("Foundations"). 1L students will learn the Foundations identified by the IAALS survey of over 24,000 attorneys, discover how to evaluate and build on their own competencies and characteristics, and determine how to signal to employers that they have these Foundations. Zachariah DeMeola, Manager, Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS) will present this information to the full-time students.  Paul Klinger, CDO Senior Career Development Specialist, will lead this discussion for part-time students.

Session II: "Charting the Course: Communicating Where You Are Going"

  • Professional Communications with the Legal Community: How you master the technique!
    • Date:    Wednesday, October 3, 2018
    • Times: 12-12:50 pm (Full-Time Students) & 5-5:50 pm (Part-Time Students) 

Throughout networking and interview season (and truly your entire legal career!), you have only a few short minutes to convince prospective employers (and later, potential clients) that you are the one they should hire!  Presenters will share best practices for outshining the competition through legal job applications, informational interviews, networking events, and social media. They will also share successful strategies for following up with legal contacts to maximize future opportunities. Students will learn how to signal to legal employers that they possess the characteristics identified by the Foundations for Practice (learned in Session I) as most sought after by legal employers.

Session III: "That's the Ticket! Getting to your Destination"

  • How to create and market a strong personal brand based on prior work experience, practice area interests, and targeted legal employers to land the legal job you want.
    • Date:    Wednesday, January 30, 2019
    • Times: 12-12:50 pm (full-time students) & 5-5:50 pm (part-time students) 

As the second semester of 1L year begins, it's important for you to assess and identify your strengths and use them to create an explanation as to why you are the person to hire - for the jobs you desire!  As you develop your new brand as a law student and future lawyer, this session will teach you how to use a Personal Branding Strategy to create your Personal Value Proposition (PVP), a clear statement of tangible results an employer accrues from hiring you, based on the competencies most sought after by specific targeted employers. Students will learn the Foundations most valued by different types of employers, including big, mid-size, and small law firms, government agencies, public interest/non-profit organizations, and the judiciary, and learn how to best deliver their PVP to these employers.  

Session IV: "You've Landed: Making the Most of Your Dream Destination"

  • Tips for a successful summer legal employment experience and strategies for gaining legal experience as a part-time student.
    • Date:    Wednesday, April 3, 2019
    • Times: 12-12:50 pm (full-time students) & 5-5:50 pm (part-time students) 

The success of your summer experiences can greatly impact the trajectory of your career. This session will cover tips for a successful legal employment experience from the perspectives of the employers that students will interact with throughout their internships, including supervising attorneys, professional development, recruiting and administrative staff, and clients. The objectives of this session are for the attendees to learn specific tips and tools to help them outshine their competition during their employment experiences.  Part-time students will also discuss job search challenges specific to part-time students and share strategies to successfully secure legal employment that fits in with their unique life considerations (full-time employment, family life, evening classes, graduation date, etc.).