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                                  INTEREST TABLE TALK

                                  This annual event brings local, non-profit
                                  organizations and government agencies to
                                  campus to recruit UHLC students specifically
                                  interested in these areas. Employers present
                                  employment marketing materials and engage
       4 directly with students as they share information
                                  about their organization and opportunities
                                  for the upcoming summer or academic year.
                                  This is a great opportunity for non-profit and
                                  government organizations to raise the visibility
                                  of their practice areas and specific causes
                                  among the UHLC student population.

                     SMALL & MIDSIZE FIRM                  5

                                    OPEN HOUSE

              Geared specifically towards small to midsize
                    law firms (50 or fewer attorneys), local
           employers come to campus to speak to students
             interested in law clerk, summer associate, and
             attorney positions. Culminating after a series
                of career panels discussing the advantages
                and challenges of small and midsize firms,
               the career fair takes place in a common area
                 where employers have the opportunity to
              share information about their organizations
             and opportunities for the upcoming summer,
                              academic year, and beyond.
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