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The Career Development Office (CDO) at the University of

           Houston Law Center (UHLC) equips students and graduates

           with the resources and skills to successfully generate and take

           advantage of professional opportunities. As a prospective

           employer, you have access to our skilled student and alumni

           candidates to fulfill all of your employment needs. UHLC

           currently provides the following free-of-charge recruiting

           services to employers:

               •  Job Bank Database

               •  On-Campus Interview Program (OCI)
               •  Apprentice Program

               •  Government and Public Interest Table Talk

               •  Small & Midsize Firm Open House

                          JOB BANK DATABASE

                           The CDO maintains an online, password protected Job Bank
                           Database, Symplicity , that is available to all employers to
                           post positions, from part-time law clerks to full-time attorney
                           roles. The user-friendly Symplicity  system allows employers
                           to create a Symplicity  profile and post an unlimited number
                           of legal employment opportunities. Symplicity  is available to
                           all of our current students and alumni, providing you access
                           to over 14,000 qualified candidates, including our talented
                           LL.M./FLL.M. population.
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