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A Message from

                                              TIFFANY J. TUCKER

                                                          Thank you for your interest in
                                                          the students and graduates of
                                                          the University of Houston Law
                                                          Center. I am confident that by
                                                          getting involved on campus,
                                                          you will witness firsthand the
                                                          unbelievable talent possessed
                                          by our unique students. The Career Development
                                          Office assists employers in their recruitment efforts
                                          by providing a variety of on-campus recruiting
                                          avenues to access our career-minded student and
                                          alumni populations. Designed to provide employers
                                          with a hassle-free experience, these on-campus
                                          recruiting services provide direct access to talented
                                          candidates. Additionally, the Career Development
                                          Office hosts numerous programs and events designed
                                          to help students explore career options and develop
                                          vital job search skills. These programs are made
                                          possible by the generous support and involvement
                                          of employers across the city and beyond. Students
                                          benefit by cultivating essential networking skills,
                                          and employers are able to interact with potential
                                          employees while raising their organization’s profile
                                          on campus. We are confident you will find the talent
                                          you are looking for at the University of Houston
                                          Law Center and look forward to your involvement
                                          on campus.

                                                                     Tiffany J. Tucker
                                                    Assistant Dean, Career Development
                                                      University of Houston Law Center
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