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                 A component of the Upper Level Mentoring
           Program, Part-time Partners addresses the specific  7
               needs of our part-time students by connecting
                 current students with an alumni “Partner” of
                the UHLC part-time program. Our part-time
           population faces distinct challenges in that many of
           them are balancing legal studies while maintaining
                 full-time jobs. Part-time Partners are alumni
            from the part-time program that are interested in
           meeting with current part-time students to discuss
               the special demands facing part-time students.
             Meeting the part-time alum gives the student the
                opportunity to ask questions about the alum’s
               career path and practice and to seek advice for
           their own professional development. This is a great
              way for alumni of the part-time program to get
             involved with current part-time UHLC students.

                               LUNCH WITH A LAWYER

                                     This program allows students to interact with
                                    lawyers in an intimate setting. Attorneys from
                                different practice areas and varying legal fields are
                                invited to campus to interact with a small group of
                                  up to 20 students over a casual lunch (or an early
                                  dinner to accommodate our part-time students).
                                  Scheduled during the academic year, the lunches
                               provide students and attorneys with an opportunity
                                     to engage in an in-depth conversation about a
                                  particular practice area that would be difficult to
                                       conduct in a larger panel or speaker format.
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