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There are many opportunities for you to get to know our

              students, and allow our students to get to know you, well

              before the time comes to make employment decisions. UHLC

              currently provides the following services to employers who

              want to engage with our student body:

                 •  Upper Level Mentoring Program

                 •  Part-time Partners

                 •  Lunch with a Lawyer

                 •  Mock Interview Program

                 •  Passport to Success: Professional Development Initiative

                                     UPPER LEVEL MENTORING


                                      The Upper Level Mentoring Program
                                      recruits attorneys from the Houston area
                                      to offer their time and knowledge to guide
                                      UHLC students as they prepare to enter
                                      the legal world. Students are matched
                                      with an attorney based on their practice
                                      area of interest and organization or firm
                                      preference. Through the mentor program,
                                      you can create rewarding personal and
                                      professional relationships with current
                                      UHLC students.
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