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Career Development Office
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University of Houston Law Center students networked with local attorneys to begin the 2016-2017 Upper Level Mentoring Program last week in the Hendricks Heritage Room.


Part-time Partners, an extension of the University of Houston Law Center (UHLC) Upper Level Mentoring Program, addresses the specific needs of our part-time students by connecting current students with an alumni "Partner" of the UHLC part-time program. Our part-time population faces distinct challenges in that many of them are balancing legal studies while maintaining full-time jobs. Part-time Partners are alumni from the part-time program that are interested in meeting with current part-time students to discuss the special demands facing part-time students. Meeting the part-time alum gives the student the opportunity to ask questions about the alum's career path and practice and to seek advice for their own professional development. This is a great way for alumni of the part-time program to get involved with current part-time UHLC students. To learn more about the Part-time Partners Program and the Upper Level Mentoring Program and to participate in either or both programs, click here.