J.D. Admissions


Admissions Process -Transfer and Semester in Houston (visiting) Applicants

If you have attended another ABA-accredited law school and performed well, you may apply for admission with advanced standing.  Considerations include available space at the UH Law Center, academic records at all previous schools, and compelling circumstances.

The Office of Admissions requires the following from transfer or visiting/Semester in Houston applicants:

  • To be completed online:
    • completed application form
    • non-refundable application fee of $70 -The $70 application fee has been waived for all 2016 applicants who apply using the online application (link above).  You do not need a fee waiver code; your fee will be waived automatically at check out. 
    • personal statement on reasons for transfer or visit
    • resume
  • To be completed and sent via LSAC:
  • official CAS report  (including two letters of recommendation)
  • To be sent via mail to the UHLC Office of Admissions:4604 Calhoun Road, Houston, TX 77204-6060
    • official law school transcript (reflecting complete first-year grades if for transfer; reflecting all most recent grades if for visit)
    • letter of good standing from your current law school, which includes your class rank
    • (visiting students only) letter of permission from your current law school stating that credits earned at the Law Center will be accepted toward degree requirements.

Transfer Applicants

Admission as a transfer student is very competitive, and first consideration is given to applicants who have performed extremely well in the first year of law school. Transfer applicants must have completed the equivalent of the first year of law school and all or most of the Law Center's first-year required courses (Torts, Property, Contracts, Criminal Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Legal Research, and Legal Writing.)  Transfer applicants may transfer a maximum of 30 semester hours of credit, with hours rather than grades noted on your final UH Law Center transcript. Transfer credit will not be awarded for any course in which the student has earned lower than a “C.” Transfer applications will not be considered with fewer than 22 graded hours.

Transfer Student Application Deadlines:
Fall semester – Early Decision, July 6
Fall semester – Regular Decision, July 15
Spring semester – Regular Decision, November 15

Early Decision – The early decision deadline for fall transfers is based on the On-Campus Interview schedule as set by the Career Development Office.  Only applicants whose files are complete by the early decision deadline will receive their decision in time to apply for the early round of OCI. 

Regular Decision – All application materials must be submitted by the deadline.  However, the committee will try to accommodate applicants whose 1L grades or class rank are unavailable before the deadline.  For Spring 2017, your file must be complete by the end of the business day on Friday, January 6, 2017.  Your transcripts must demonstrate completion of at least 22 hours.  In addition, your transcripts must show a grade for every course taken.

Admissions Statistics*

















* Numbers in the table below reflect transfer applications for both fall and spring start.

Where students transfer from- About half of our transfer students are from other Texas law schools, and we have accepted transfer students from nearly every school in the state.  The remaining students come from all over the country, including Texans hoping to return home after attending school in another state and those new to our area.

Opportunities for Transfer Students
Journals- Transfer students are eligible to compete in the write-on competition for many of our student-run journals, including the Houston Law Review, and some transfer students are selected each year.  First-year grades and demonstrated proficiency in legal writing are the criteria that lead to membership.  Due to the timing of your admission, we recommend that you contact your journal of interest to confirm the dates of the competition and that you may write-on. http://www.houstonlawreview.org/about/write-on-competition-2/

On-Campus Interviews- Transfer students are eligible to participate in all rounds of on-campus interviews, with career advising and employer bidding available once the student has submitted the enrollment deposit and formal commitment to the Law Center. For more information on career development programs, including OCI visit https://www.law.uh.edu/career/students.asp.

Financial Aid for Transfer Students:

Students that are accepted to transfer to the University of Houston Law Center must file a FAFSA listing the University of Houston’s school code of 003652.  Once accepted the school will download the FAFSA approximately 5-7 business days later.  Once the student’s financial aid file at UH is complete, the student will be awarded and notified by an email award notice.

Any financial aid awarded from the transfer student’s original school must be cancelled and that school must report the cancelation to the DOE before the funds will disburse at UH.  As a transfer student, there could be a minimum of a 4 week delay in the financial aid process, so students should plan accordingly. 

More information on the financial aid process can be viewed at http://www.law.uh.edu/financialaid/.

Please email financial aid advisor Laura Neal at lneal@uh.edu if you have any questions.

Semester in Houston/ Visiting Applicants

Students in good standing at another ABA-accredited law school may apply to visit the UH Law Center and apply any earned credits toward degree requirements at their home school. The UH Law Center has one of the largest curriculums in the country, including nationally-recognized specialty programs. Students from across Texas and the U.S. visit our law school for 1-2 semesters to take advantage of our curricular strengths in areas such as health law, energy and environmental law, intellectual property, international law; to take courses in Texas law; to begin building their network in the Houston market; or simply to be closer to family. The admission process for visiting applicants is less competitive than for transfer admission or admission as an entering 1L, but you must have permission from your home law school.

Current UH Law Center students have first priority at registration, and visiting students should submit primary and alternate course selections to their home school when seeking approval of potential credits. Visiting students are not permitted to register for first-year courses, and they must arrange their financial aid through their home school via a consortium agreement arranged through the Office of Admissions.

Students who visit during the 3L year may be eligible to purse a joint JD/LLM through the LLM Visitor Program.

Visiting Student Application Deadlines:

Fall semester - July 15

Spring semester - November 15

Summer sessions - April 15 (late applications may be considered for later summer sessions)