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Congratulations on your acceptance to the   Important Dates
                      University of Houston Law Center! A UH Law
                      Center education will teach you to think like a   March 24    Admitted Student Day
                      lawyer, empower you to seek justice, and instill in
                      you the confidence to achieve your professional   April 1   Priority deadline for financial aid
                      goals. The supportive faculty and staff at the UH   April 13    Admitted Student Day
                      Law Center will provide you with the tools to   April 15   Enrollment fee due (unless acceptance letter gives a later date) *
                      not only survive the law school experience, but
                      excel! You have the opportunity to begin your   June 1    Registration Commitment Form due (form sent via email in May) **
                      legal career in one of the most diverse cities in   July 1   Bacterial meningitis vaccination forms due(for students under 22)

                      the country, with the nation’s sixth largest legal
                      market. We hope this short guide will prepare you   July 19    Admitted Student Day
                      for your entrance into law school and the legal   TBD    New Student Orientation (mandatory for all incoming students)
                      profession. Do not hesitate to reach out to the   August 20    First day of classes
                      Admissions Office if you have any questions or
                      concerns about starting law school or moving to   October 1   Declaration of Intent due for 1Ls who plan to take the Texas Bar Exam ****
                      Houston. We look forward to getting to know you
                      better over the next few months and sincerely   *     To save your seat in the incoming class, you will need to pay the $200 non-refundable enrollment fee by the date in your
                      hope the UH Law Center will become your home.  acceptance letter. The fee can be paid by credit card (MasterCard or Visa) at
                                                            **     Around the end of May, we will email the Registration Commitment Form, which our office uses in lieu of a second payment.
                                                                Completion of this form shows your intent to enroll at the Law Center. You must return this form by the deadline in order to
                                                                retain your seat in the class and to allow the registrar’s office to register you for classes. Applicants who are accepted during
                                                                the summer will return the enrollment fee and Registration Commitment Form at the same time.
                      Pilar Mensah                          ***  For more information, visit
                      Assistant Dean for Admissions         ****  Information will be sent to entering students mid-summer.

        Contact Information

        University of Houston             Assistant Dean for Admissions     Program Coordinator, J.D.         Career Development Office
        Law Center                        Pilar Mensah                      and LL.M.                         713.743.2090
        4604 Calhoun Road                  Oscar Sevilla           
        Houston, TX 77204-6060                                                             Associate Director of Admissions
                                          Liz Clearman ’04                  Financial Aid Advisor             Assistant Dean
        Dean                                      Laura Neal                        for Career Development
        Leonard M. Baynes                                                   713.743.2269                      Tiffany Tucker
        713.743.2478                      Associate Director of Admissions                           Ann-Margaret Dudley
                                            Associate Dean for Student Affairs
        Office of Admissions                                                Sondra Tennessee
        713.743.2280                      Admissions Program Manager        713.743.2182              Ray Morris                
                                                                                                                     Data accurate as of printing – December 2017.
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