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Q: What about class attendance?
        A:  UHLC has a minimum 80 percent attendance
          requirement. Any student who attends fewer
          than the minimum percentage of classes may be
          automatically dropped from the class. Faculty are
          free to impose a stricter attendance requirement or
          consider students who are late or leave early absent
          for that day. Most will discuss their attendance
          policies in their syllabi. Faculty use different methods             Members of the UHLC Moot Court Team
          to monitor attendance, including roll calls, use of the
          seating chart, sign-in sheets, or requiring students to   A:  No. The good standing policy requires that students   A:  Leaves of absence are granted for compelling
          make an honor code certification at the end of the   maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.33 at the completion   reasons, but whenever this occurs during the first
          semester. Falsifying class attendance is a violation of   of each semester or summer session to remain in   year, it creates significant problems because of the
          the UHLC Honor Code.                        good standing. This policy is described in detail in the   sequencing of the first-year curriculum. For that
                                                      Student Handbook.                           reason, students requesting a leave of absence
        Q:  How are grades determined? Can you explain blind   Q:  Do I have to purchase one of the recommended   will be required to take a leave for an entire
          grading and the curve?                                                                  year. Students contemplating the need to have
                                                      laptops? What if I already have a laptop?
        A:  Most courses have one exam at the end of the                                          a mid-first-year leave of absence for pregnancy,
          course. Letter grades are given to students in all   A:  Students are not required to purchase a laptop.   business, or other reasons may be advised to defer
          courses and seminars, with numerical equivalents on   Please note, however, that the LIT department   beginning law school for a year, rather than taking
          a four point scale. Prior to the exam period, students   will provide a range of technical support   a leave of absence. Deferment requests should be
          will be issued an exam number by OSS. This number   ( All students who plan to take   sent to the Assistant Dean for Admissions prior to
          will be used for all exams that semester. Faculty   exams on their laptops must complete a training   the start of classes.
          members submit grade sheets with exam numbers   program for the exam software utilized at UHLC.   Q:  I was looking over the character and fitness infor-
          to OSS for processing. Professors who credit for class   This program is not included with the recommended   mation on the Admitted Students Page, and I think
          participation or other factors will submit a separate   laptops. Cougar Byte at the University Center sells   I need to amend my application. What should I do?
          list of those students who are to receive bonus/  discounted software to members of the University of
          deduction points. Courses in which seminar papers   Houston community.  A:  If you need to amend your application, either
          or projects are the basis of the grade are not subject   Q:  I was admitted to the Part-Time Evening Program but now   because you failed to disclose an incident when
          to blind grading. As OSS processes grades, it will   realize that I would prefer to be a full-time student   you applied or because a new incident has arisen
          review the grades of all the students to verify that   (or vice-versa). How can I change programs?  since you applied, you will need to send a written
          the class mean grade is within the guidelines of the   A:  Students wishing to switch to the full- or part-time   explanation (by mail or email) to the Assistant Dean
          curve. For first-year courses, the mandatory curve is   program may petition the Associate Dean for Student   for Admissions. The explanation should include all
          2.9-3.1. More information about the curve is available   Affairs to be re-classified after completion of the first   the details of the underlying incident, including the
          in the Student Handbook.                    year curriculum. (Petitions may be submitted before   outcome. You must also explain why the matter
                                                                                                  was not disclosed when you applied, and you
        Q:  At my undergraduate school, all you needed was a   the 2L fall semester begins.) Petitions are considered   must provide a copy of the official disposition from
          2.0 GPA to be in good standing. Is this the policy in   on a space-available basis.     the jurisdiction/college. Additional information is
          the J.D. program at UHLC?                 Q: Can a student take a leave of absence?     available on the Admitted Students page.

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