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Frequently Asked Questions

        Q:  I have sent in my enrollment fee to secure my seat   Q: Where can I purchase my books?  closest branch and ATMs of your bank, finding the
          in the entering class. What happens now?  A:    The University Bookstore has a law school satellite   best route to get to school and back home, and
        A:  The $200 enrollment fee is the first commitment   located in the University Lofts, across from the law   finding convenient gas stations and grocery stores.
          to secure your seat in the class. We will require you   school. Required texts, study materials, and UHLC   Also, think about what things you can do to make
          to complete a Registration Commitment Form in   merchandise can be purchased there.     life easier, such as automatic bill pay for your utilities
          June, indicating your intent to matriculate. You also   Q:  Am I required to attend all of the orientation   and setting up an Outlook calendar with your family
          need to provide verification that you have been   activities?                           members’ birthdays. Don’t forget to set aside time to
          vaccinated against bacterial meningitis if you’re                                       relax and have fun; UH has a great recreation center
          under 22. Visit the admitted students page for   A:  The Law Center will provide mandatory   available to law students, and there are lots of gyms,
          more details. Additionally, if your email (or mailing)   orientation for all entering students in mid-  parks, museums, and live music venues that provide
          address changes during the summer, you should   August. Orientation will introduce students to the   students with a break from law school.
          notify our office. We will be communicating with   expectations, policies, and procedures of the UH   Q:  What is expected of students on the first class day?
          you throughout the summer via email regarding   Law Center, including the Honor Code. Students   A:  First day assignments will be posted on the webpage
          registration and orientation.               will also meet their student and faculty mentors   one to two weeks before the first day of classes
                                                      and complete a writing assessment. If you have an
        Q: Can I defer my admission to law school?    unavoidable conflict with orientation, you should   ( Students are expected to have
        A:  Deferments are available on a case-by-case basis.   contact the Office of Admissions.  read the assignments and be prepared to discuss
          Admitted students seeking to defer must submit   Q:  What else should I do to prepare myself for law   them in class on the first day. Some professors will
          a request in writing to the Assistant Dean for   school?                                have already assigned seats, and others will create a
          Admissions.                                                                             seating chart on the first day, allowing you to select
                                                    A:  The Admitted Students page includes a list of   your seat.
        Q:  I am excited to begin law school. When can I   books that have been
          register for fall classes?                  recommended by our
        A:  Entering students will be separated into sections and   faculty, but please don’t
          registered administratively by the Office of Student   feel that you need to
          Services (OSS), typically in July. After you complete   read all of them or that
          your Registration Commitment Form, you will be   you will be behind if
          instructed on how to indicate which parking permit   you choose not to read
          option should be included in your registration and   any of them. If you
          whether you would like to enroll in the Student   are not familiar with
          Health Insurance program.                   Houston, you probably
        Q:  When will I receive my class schedule and book list?  will want to arrive in
                                                      town well before school
        A:  Once OSS has registered all entering students, it will   starts so that you can
          send orientation and enrollment information via email.   get familiar with the
          This email will include your first-year section and your   city. Things to consider
          class schedule. Book lists are posted on the UHLC   include finding the
          webpage. This typically happens around mid-July.

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