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Summer & Graduate Fellowships

        Summer Public Interest Fellowships: The purpose of these fellowships is to provide opportunities for work exposure in the
        public interest legal community, thereby instilling excitement about, and a commitment to, public service in our students.
        Through this program, fellows get the opportunity to build legal skills, hone their portfolio of accomplishments, and contribute
        to their community. UHLC has a long history of subsidizing summer work for local non-profit employers. This highly competitive
        program was greatly expanded to allow UHLC to quadruple the number of annual fellowships and add government employers
        as a placement option. In 2016, the Law Center was able to finance 25 summer fellowships.
        Graduate Fellowships: The UHLC Graduate Fellowship Program is designed to make it possible for our recent graduates who
        are dedicated to careers in public service to pursue unpaid internships as they await their bar results. Since non-profits often
        do not hire prior to receiving bar results, this program allows our graduates to bridge the gap between taking the bar exam and
        getting the results. UHLC provides up to $4,500 to selected graduates working with a government agency or a 501(c)(3) non-profit
        organization. Work schedules are flexible, but fellows are expected to work at least 30 hours per week for 10 weeks, generally
        beginning the last week in August and concluding the first week in November.
        Global Fellowships: The UHLC Global Fellowship Program is a new venture that was started in 2015 to assist students
        pursuing international placements during the summer with government and non-profit agencies. Although students
        have interned abroad in the past, this program helps to ensure a larger number of students have the funding to pursue
        international experience. Our goal with this program is to allow students to broaden their horizons, build their skill set, and
        pursue careers across the globe. Ten UHLC students spent the 2016 summer as Global Fellows doing public interest work at
        agencies in Canada, India, and Mexico. program.asp

        Recent Fellowship placements include: (* denotes a Global Fellowship placement)
                                                                                                                 “After I graduated from UHLC,
        •   Center for ADR Methods at the Supreme Court of Panama*   •   Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH), Mexico City*  I was awarded one of the Law
        •   Children at Risk                             •   Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Mexico City*
        •   City Attorney’s Office, League City          •   Museum of Fine Arts, Houston                        Center’s Graduate Fellowships
        •   City of Pearland/Court Prosecutor            •   National Green Tribunal, New Delhi, India*          in the Environmental Protection
        •   Commission for Environmental Cooperation, Montreal, Quebec*  •   Neighborhood Centers, Inc.          Division at the Office of the Attorney
        •   Department of Justice, ENRD                  •   Office of Counsel to the Inspector General, Department of Health   General in Austin, Texas, where I
        •   Department of Veterans Affairs                and Human Services, Washington, D.C.                   now represent the state of Texas
        •   Disability Rights Texas                      •   PEMEX, Mexico City*                                 in environmental enforcement
        •   Harris County District Attorney’s Office     •   Texas Attorney General’s Office                     matters. This fellowship allowed
        •   Harvard Law School Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation  •   Texas Civil Rights Project       me to pursue my goal of practicing
        •   Houston Methodist Hospital                   •   Texas Innocence Network – Capital Division          Environmental Law.”
        •   Human Rights First                           •   U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Idaho
        •   Juvenile Capital Advocacy Project            •   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees       — Sireesha Chirala ’13
        •   Lakewood Church                              •   University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston        Assistant Attorney General, State of Texas
        •   Lone Star Legal Aid                          •   Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights, Mexico City*   Former Editor, Houston Journal of
        •   Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund                                                    International Law
                                                                                                                   B.A., Government, The University of

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