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Government and Public Interest Table Talk

                                               Culminating after a week-long series of career panels discussing the advantages and challenges of practicing in
                                               the public sector, the Government and Public Interest Table Talk (GPITT) gives students the opportunity to meet
                                               with public interest employers and discuss internship opportunities for the upcoming summer or academic year.
                                               During the event, local non-profit organizations and government agencies come to campus and set up tables to
                                               share information on their organizations and their hiring needs.

                                               Small & Midsize Firm Open House

                                               Geared specifically towards firms with 50 or fewer attorneys, this event brings local legal employers to campus
                                               to speak to UHLC students about their practice, area of law, and potential employment opportunities. The open
                                               house occurs after a week-long series of career panels discussing the realities of day-to-day life for attorneys
                                               who practice at small, midsize, and growing firms. It provides students the opportunity to meet informally
                                               with employers, hand out résumés for upcoming positions, and introduce themselves to a large number of
                                               prospective employers.

                                               First Year Initiative (FYI)
                                               This program introduces first-year students to legal employment, and includes tailored one-on-one advising on
                                               résumé and cover letter drafting, networking, and first-year summer employment options.

         “UHLC is one of the top schools       Passport to Success Professional Development Series
         in the nation for networking. The
         numerous student organizations        A mandatory program for 1Ls, the Passport to Success program is co- sponsored by the CDO and Andrews Kurth
         and our Career Development Office     Kenyon, LLP. The Series consists of four mandatory learning sessions that are each designed to cover facets of new
         provide numerous opportunities        attorney professionalism most sought after by legal employers. The sessions will be taught by nationally known
         to meet practitioners with diverse    industry experts with proven track records of teaching and training attorneys on these subjects. Each attendee will
         legal backgrounds. Since law          receive an actual “passport” booklet that will be marked upon attendance and completion of each training session.
         students are busy people, these
         organizations frequently host         Apprentice Program
         practicing professionals during
         the lunch hour. Nearly four days      The UHLC Apprentice Program allows 2Ls and 3Ls to work at a small law firm (fewer than five attorneys) in the
         a week, you can meet practicing       Houston area year-round. The goal is to provide a true “apprentice” experience to 3Ls by immersing them in
         attorneys without leaving school.     the daily life of an attorney, allowing them to work side by side with employers in a small firm setting. Firms
         This is one of our best kept secrets.”   participating in the Apprentice Program are encouraged to give their law clerks a meaningful opportunity to learn
                                               and be exposed to their practice and field of law. Students hired for this program are paid an hourly wage, 50% of
       — Dillon Norton ’16                     which is subsidized by UHLC.
         Attorney, D.B. Norton, PLLC
         B.A., Government, The University of Texas

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