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The Center on Biotechnology & Law develops            Clinical programs serve Houston’s low-income
new curricular options and collaborations to          residents involved in consumer, immigration, and
prepare students for careers in the expanding         juvenile cases, among others. Students in the Civil
life sciences, biotechnology, research oversight,     Practice Clinic work on a variety of cases, including
and healthcare restructuring fields. It conducts      bankruptcy, landlord-tenant, divorce, domestic
an active portfolio of sponsored research projects    violence, adoption, and wills. In the Consumer
funded by National Institutes of Health/National      Law Clinic, students help clients with consumer
Human Genome Research Institute, the U.S. Food        problems such as credit and debt collection. The
and Drug Administration, and the Greenwall            Mediation Clinic trains students to serve as court-
Foundation to explore privacy, access, and            appointed mediators or mediators at the Greater
regulatory policy issues with large-scale health      Houston Better Business Bureau. The Immigration
information networks and clinical integration of      Clinic specializes in handling applications for
next-generation DNA sequencing. The program           asylum and representing immigrants who have
achieves its goals in close collaboration in concert  been the victims of domestic violence, human
with leading genetics and biomedical research         trafficking, and other crimes. The Transactional
centers and health lawyers nationwide.                Clinic provides students the opportunity to help
                                                      small businesses and non-profit organizations
CENTER FOR CONSUMER LAW                               with legal matters encountered on a daily basis.
                                                      In the Innocence Investigations Clinic, students
The Center for Consumer Law educates the public       examine inmates’ claims of innocence and work
about consumer law, helps to resolve disputes         on post-conviction legal assistance. Students in
through the Texas Consumer Complaint Center and       the Death Penalty Clinic work on all phases of
Consumer Law Clinic, and presents conferences         capital murder trials and post-conviction claims.
and seminars for lawyers and law professors
who deal with consumer problems. The Texas            STUDENT-RUN JOURNALS
Consumer Complaint Center has helped thousands
of consumers. In keeping with the Law Center’s        The UH Law Center houses several acclaimed
heritage of direct involvement with the Houston       student-run journals, including the Houston
community, the center hosts two “People’s Law         Law Review, the Houston Business and Tax Law
School” sessions every year. This popular program     Journal, the Journal of Consumer and Commercial
offers free legal information on everything from      Law, the Houston Journal of Health Law & Policy,
trusts and wills to family law, landlord-tenant law,  and the Houston Journal of International Law.
and bankruptcy.


The Texas Innocence Network focuses on                The tax law program at the Law Center boasts a
investigative claims of actual innocence raised       level of sophistication that has earned it national
by inmates in Texas or elsewhere. Students work       prominence and stature. Proficient tax lawyers are
closely with faculty to exhaustively examine          in demand, and the University of Houston Law
these claims for both capital (death penalty) and     Center, based in one of the most vibrant economies
non-capital cases. Also, the Juvenile & Capital       and legal practice areas in the United States, excels
Advocacy Project ( JCAP) works to reduce juvenile     in filling that need. The tax program focuses on
crime and delinquency while simultaneously            helping students identify issues, plan solutions to tax
improving the long-term educational success rates     problems, and hone the skills needed to assimilate
and life outcomes for socially and economically       the ever-changing tax rules into their future practice.
disadvantaged juveniles through early                 The program emphasizes professional responsibility
intervention. Law students can get involved by        and a thorough understanding of the tax system and
mentoring these at-risk young people.                 how it affects individual, nonprofit, commercial, and
                                                      financial affairs.
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